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Digital Advertising Display Screens

Scannervision LED screen development process from concept to completion.

  • 1. The Client's Requirement

    Face to face client review of project parameters whether sports or commercial applications.

  • 2. The Options

    In depth analysis of possible options through the creation of visual representations and performance features so the concept is understood and agreed in principle subject to ongoing change at this stage as may be required.

  • 3. The Design

    Architectural drawings and video simulations as required for final review with the client and signed off pre-manufacture.

  • 4. The Manufacture, Assembly and Testing

    Full engineering drawings are created.

    All final components and operating systems are consolidated at our Belfast engineering facilities for inspection and sign off pre-shipment to site.

  • SVI-Technologies
  • 5. Screen On Test Pre-Install

  • 6. The Installation

    Installation will be undertaken by our fully trained team with engineering support from an independent structural engineer.

  • SVI-Technologies
  • 7. Operation

    Operator training will be provided with ongoing content support as may be required.

  • 8. Warranty

    All components are warranted for a period of 24 months from installation and sign off by the client.

  • SVI-Technologies
  • SVI-Technologies
  • Concepts & Custom Design

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